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The external fences of any home are an element both for security and the proper protection of the privacy of the people who live there when they suddenly feel exhausted from the way their neighbors tend to look into their homes, these being the most fundamental functions of any fence. Visit the website here in Round Rock to learn more about fencing companies.

Therefore the harmony and aesthetics of the fence is something to take into account, as it makes the most sense for it to go hand in hand with the garden or yard and the house. So choosing the right materials is essential for it to fulfill its purpose and at the same time be more durable.

We will proceed to give you the best points, both pros, and cons, to take into account when choosing a specific type of fence to close either a large plot, a garden, or a terrace and so you can have the one that best suits your needs. Among the types of fences we have the following:

This type of fence is much more durable, they are also very resistant to any element and do not require any particular maintenance. For this reason, it is one of the most commonly used materials for fences in commercial perimeter areas, also in residential areas, including industrial sites.

Galvanizing makes the material more durable and resistant, making this type of fence have a long useful life, so this will be a long-term investment, this makes them much safer fences. They are fences that when cleaned properly will look aesthetically very beautiful, also thanks to their finish, being another reason why they are the most common fences.

There are several types of finishes, such as gold zinc plating, silver plating, or lacquering, providing more options to select the style and taste that best suits your needs. It provides greater security for possible intruders, as well as for the surrounding neighbors, or simply as an element of protection because it is a very stable material and does not degrade, this sets aside the possibility of falling due to possible damage to the material.


* They provide greater resistance and are more durable.
* Being more resistant, they generate greater security against malefactors or curious neighbors.
* Wide variety of models to choose from.
* Aesthetically they are very pleasing to the eye.


* It can become a very common material since there are more and more fences of this material made with diverse designs, each time more original.
* Those with bar designs do not provide much privacy.

The perforated sheet metal material is another type of fence material very attractive to users, they provide great resistance and thanks to its micro-perforated design is more secure against any intruder because it is a material that can not be climbed. Many of them also have tamper-proof screws to reinforce the security provided by this material for any external fence.


* Its material provides greater strength and durability.
* The micro-perforated design provides more privacy to its owners. It means that it cannot be climbed, which makes it more secure against possible thieves.


* If the perforation is large it will affect the privacy of its users.

This is another type of material that people tend to like a lot, aluminum. It is especially recommended for use in coastal areas, where there is free exposure to saltpeter, rain, and possible defecation of various birds, thanks to the fact that aluminum is a fairly resistant material to corrosion.


* In beach areas, it is perfect because it will not rust so fast.
* It is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
* For rainy areas, it is ideal, thanks to the fact that it is a corrosion-resistant material.


* It is a material that weighs very little.
* Its low resistance can be beneficial for intruders and thieves.

For a long time in the past, wood was one of the most commonly used materials for fences. In addition to being inexpensive, it provided a cozy and warm finish. The reality is that it is currently in disuse because this type of material does not generate the necessary or required security against possible attacks by intruders or thieves, which can occur in so many areas from industrial to residential. And it is a material that needs periodically important maintenance.

In reality, the different types of wood can offer different characteristics, but the truth is that they all have in common that it is a material that can be easily damaged. And there are many causes, from attacks by xylophagous insects, rodents, and many other things that can threaten the integrity of the wood.

And not only it generates a possible inconvenience of security to third parties, but also to be damaged so easily can mean a danger to the user himself, for example, falling on him. Its useful life can be shortened for these reasons. For these reasons and many others, wood is less considered for use as an external fence.


* The diversity of woods that in addition to providing elegance, can combine with everything around it.
* Its accessible price and ease to get the wood.


* They are easily damaged.
* They do not offer any resistance to possible attacks by animals, intruders, among others.
* It needs good maintenance regularly.
* Its useful life can be very short.
* They even represent a danger for their owners.

Another type of material to consider when you want to establish a fence is vinyl. One of the most important reasons is its price, and that it is also a very light and modern material, as it is not very heavy, it is very easy to transport wherever you want.

Its weak point and that must be taken into consideration is that they have little durability, because they degenerate very easily due to the action of the sun, the possible violent changes in temperature and cold. All this can affect its integrity, making it become unsafe and shortening its time of use so that in the end it can cause a greater expense because it needs to be replaced more quickly.


* Low price.
* As it is a lightweight material, it is easier to move anywhere.
* Its modern designs are usually very attractive to users.


* It is a material that is easily damaged, mainly due to climatic changes.
* Because of its short lifespan, it requires a greater expense to erect another fence.
* It does not offer great resistance to possible thieves and intruders.


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